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top 10 essential oil cleaning recipes the prairie homestead - put essential oils to work around your homestead essential oils homesteading go together like peanut butter jelly this short practical ebook will help you master the ins and outs of adding essential oils to your homesteading routine no matter what sort of homestead you may have and includes diy fly spray formulas garden pest control sprays diy cleaners and tons more, an essential oil that reduces fevers jill s home remedies - i have found a new favorite way to reduce fevers well i actually can t take credit for it i ve had a few readers tell me on my facebook page that there was an essential oil that reduces fevers that they use on their own children if you ladies are reading this thank you, how to get rid of ants fast naturally top 10 home remedies - rub some lemon juice on door thresholds windowsills and other possible areas where ants are getting in another option is to put a few drops of lemon essential oil on cotton balls and leave them in cabinets and other areas as needed, 10 proven myrrh oil benefits uses dr axe health and - myrrh is most commonly known as one of the gifts along with gold and frankincense the three wise men brought to jesus in the new testament in fact it was actually mentioned in the bible 152 times myrrh was an important herb of the bible as it was used as a spice a natural remedy and to purify the dead myrrh oil is still commonly used today as a remedy for a variety of ailments, anise essential oil 10 health benefits davidwolfe com - there are a wide variety of health benefits associated with anise essential oil these benefits can be attributed to its many incredible properties anise essential oil is an anti epileptic anti hysteric anti rheumatic antiseptic antispasmodic aperient carminative cordial decongestant digestive and expectorant it s also an insecticide sedative stimulant and a vermifuge substance, 10 lavender oil benefits for major diseases minor - because lavender oil contains such versatile properties and is gentle enough to apply directly to the skin i consider it a must have oil especially if you are just getting started with using essential oils for your health, home remedies for fungal infections top 10 home remedies - 5 coconut oil coconut oil works as an effective remedy for any type of fungal infection due to the presence of medium chain fatty acids these fatty acids work as natural fungicides to kill the fungi responsible for the infection, 10 black seed oil benefits speedy remedies - for cough a teaspoon can be added to tea or coffee or half a teaspoon can be rubbed onto the chest at the onset of fever take one teaspoon oil when needed it will induce perspiration and hence offer relief helps improve vision black seed oil is said to improve vision and also treat other eye infections for this purpose the oil needs to be rubbed onto the eyelids and on the sides of the, essential oils for warts removal tea tree oil and oregano - essential oils have been in use for thousands of years in various traditional medicines across the globe aromatherapy natural remedies and beauty care products today extensively make use of different types of essential oils infections on the skin like warts eczema herpes athlete s foot yeast infection scabies or shingles happens to us occasionally, top 10 essential oils for skincare fight acne slow aging - the top 10 essential oils for skincare carrot seed essential oil aging skin reducing scarring carrot seed essential oil i use and recommend this one is rich in antioxidants helping to neutralize inflammation and wrinkle causing free radicals it has a rejuvenating effect on the skin helping to keep skin smooth skin and aid cell regeneration, how to clean your essential oil diffuser fix common issues - essential oil diffusers come in many types and shapes this one here is the young living aria diffuser it s beautiful but also quite expensive, edgar cayce s hair loss remedies pt 1 crude oil - edgar cayce s hair loss remedies pt 1 crude oil castor oil etc, safe essential oil use with babies children the hippy - the complete book of essential oils for mama baby all expecting and experienced moms know that finding safe remedies to treat the needs of you and your little one is easier said than done, 10 best essential oils for healing and how to use them - essential oils are extracted directly from the bark flower fruit leaves nut resin or root of a plant or tree and just one drop can provide the amazing health benefits that each oil provides, top 12 uses for jasmine essential oil healthy focus - 1 for anxiety and stress if you are feeling sad or blue then jasmine essential oil might be just the essential oil to lift your spirits because of its wonderful aroma jasmine essential oil is known to have an uplifting effect on the mind, 14 home remedies for arthritis joint pain everyday roots - 4 lubricate with extra virgin olive oil the very consistency of olive oil makes it seem like something that would lubricate your joints and ease arthritis pain and it turns out it actually does, diy spiced essential oil soap for men wellness mama - a simple homemade soap for men with a special blend of essential oils coconut oil tallow olive oil and castor oil for a man s skin, rehydrating rose facial oil neal s yard remedies - this oil is a life savier in case you have dehydrated dry skin and rosacea flare ups rni get some people might not feel the scent is as strong but is there and very subtle and elegant, how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast naturally 10 home - hemorrhoids also known as piles are swollen veins around the anal opening or the anal canal they can be painful and linger on for a long time causing distress, 10 diy remedies for dry feet and heels 8 may surprise you - these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease, what are the best essential oils for psoriasis and what is - what are the best essential oils for psoriasis and what is the best psoriasis essential oil recipe by olivia 105 comments